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Buying Christmas Tree After Christmas

The best time to buy your holiday centerpiece is during a Christmas tree sale, months ahead of the season. This allows you to enjoy the best Christmas tree deals while avoiding the holiday rush. Shopping in advance will also help you spread out costs, as opposed to buying everything during peak season. Read on for the list of Balsam Hill sale events so you can check off your décor list early.

buying christmas tree after christmas

Analyzing Square sales of Christmas trees, the report found buying in the next week or so will net the highest price tag: On Black Friday, Christmas trees cost an average of $77, and that figure spikes to $81 on Cyber Monday. If you can wait just a couple weeks, the average cost drops to $64 on Dec. 18, according to the report.

As a perishable and seasonal product, the trees don't have much use after Christmas Day. Thus, as the holiday season progresses, sellers mark down prices "knowing that if they don't sell them by Christmas Eve, they're probably not going to sell them," says Tim O'Connor, executive director of the National Christmas Tree Association.

When I lived in state of Louisiana there was a program after the holidays where you could leave your used live tree outside near your trash pick-up area and it would be donated to an organization that would airlift the trees to south Louisiana and drop them in the disappearing marshlands in attempt to help rebuild the landscape.

Thank you or the handy reference. Have not had a real tree in the house since 2000 or so ! Forgot how heavenly they smell. Trunk had been trimmed fresh just before I bought it, will do the boiling water thing to reopen the sap clogged spots. Will add sugar to the water as Momma used to ( I remembered after reading it here LOL ). I have never had a tree with quite this sweet smell. It has shorter semi soft needles but not as short and firm as a fir. Best i can describe the smell is "light fruity pine" . All the tags were goofed up where i bought it, could this be a Scotch Pine?

A tree will absorb as much as a gallon of water or more in the first 24 hours and one or more quarts a day thereafter. Water is important because it prevents the needles from drying and dropping off and the boughs from drooping. Water also keeps the tree fragrant.

When buying a real fresh Christmas tree online, it is important to consider how much you are willing to spend. Buy the tree that's right for your budget and your space. Don't go big because you feel like you have to. This only adds unnecessary stress to your holiday.

If you're not sure how to dispose of a real Christmas tree, simply let us know you would like to utilize our Christmas tree removal service and we will schedule a time to come pick it up after the holidays to properly recycle it.

When you're a first time buyer shopping for a real Christmas tree, it can be easy to be intimidated by the forest of options that await. With careful consideration and savvy shopping, however, you can turn the chore of buying a real tree into a fun holiday tradition you will celebrate each year.

The scent of a real Christmas tree in the house, the allure of a family outing to select a real tree and the appeal of buying local are among the reasons people buy real Christmas trees. For some, especially people who grew up in households with an artificial tree, buying and setting up a real tree may seem like daunting task. With a little planning, however, having a real tree can add a fun and enjoyable family experience to the holidays. For those that have never had a real Christmas tree in their homes for the holidays, Michigan State University Extension provides these tips to simplify the process.

Before buying your tree, decide where in your home you are going to display the tree. Keep the tree away from direct heat sources such as fireplaces or furnace vents because these may cause the tree to use more water and dry faster. Having an electrical outlet near the tree will eliminate the need to run unsightly extension cords to the tree. Double-check there is adequate floor space for the height of tree you want to display. The taper (ratio of tree width to height) of real trees varies, but is usually around two to three. This means you need a space 4-feet wide for a 6-foot tall tree.

Consumers can buy trees already cut at a tree lot or they can cut their own at a choose-and-cut farm. Common options for buying pre-cut trees include big box stores and supermarkets, garden centers and freestanding tree lots. Pre-cut trees at box stores or supermarkets offer the convenience of buying trees while doing other shopping. Buying at garden centers or stand-alone tree lots supports local businesses or, in some cases, charitable groups such as scout troops or churches.

Consider these tips in order to reduce the mess of getting a tree out of the house after the holidays. Use a turkey baster or a large sponge to transfer any water remaining in the tree stand to a bucket or plastic container. To reduce the amount of needles lost while taking the tree out, lay a bedsheet on the floor and gently lay the tree down on it. Wrap the sheet around the tree to collect any loose needles they may come off while taking the tree out of the house.

When buying a real tree for the first time or when looking for the best offer, many people wonder where to get a real Christmas tree. While you can get a real Christmas tree from farms, vendors, or nurseries, the best place to buy a real Christmas tree is through Walddie, which offers you the same high-quality tree you would get from a local farm without the hassle of having to cut it down and bring it back home. We bring your tree to your door, making the holiday season that much easier.

A faux Christmas tree that you can pack away after each holiday season is a huge convenience. But, there are a handful of benefits that come with choosing a live Christmas tree. Then, after the holiday season ends, you can plant your Christmas tree in your backyard.

Another possibility: choose a tropical tree that will live on as a houseplant after the holidays, says Jennifer Williams, curator of the Shakespeare and Fragrance gardens and an indoor plant expert. There are quite a few conifers from warm climates that can make good houseplants.

No matter the tree variety, after it has been inside for about two or three weeks (maximum), you should reacclimate it to outdoor temperatures and relocate it. You can do this by following the same acclimation steps you did to bring it indoors, but in reverse this time.

For the non-conifer pre-potted trees, you can typically leave them in their pots if that was how they were grown and it has been confirmed that they won't get too much bigger. Consult someone at the nursery you're buying from to make sure you're properly caring for it once you've undecked the halls.

While Hundley recommends planting any living tree outside after the holidays for the best chance of keeping it alive, conifer variety trees require immediate planting outside in full sunlight as they will get very big and will not survive long without being able to sink their roots.

If you choose a potted tree of the conifer variety, you have to plant it after Christmas, so you would have to cut it down to bring it back inside next year. That said, Hundley points out that it makes "a very attractive focal point for the neighborhood" when decorated in lights outdoors for years to come.

Though it may seem like an intimidating task, caring for a potted Christmas tree is not all that difficult. When you break it down to the basics, you just have to pick your tree, transition it gradually indoors, place it somewhere out of direct sunlight and away from any heat source, water it regularly, and transition it back outside after two or three weeks.

Another Ramona-based Christmas tree farm, this spot has been doling out Christmas trees for the past ten years. In addition to Grand, Doublas, Nobels, and Frazier firs that are trucked down from Oregon, you can cut your own Monterey Pine Christmas tree on the farm. They provide handsaws but you can also call in an expert to help or cut it down for you. If you like the idea of a potted Christmas tree (you can plant it after the holidays if you'd like), they have Monterey, Aleppo and Deodar Cedar varieties. Netting is available for $2.

Good to Know: The annual Christmas Tree Recycling Program begins the day after Christmas, Dec. 26, through Jan. 23, and features 17 drop-off locations available to San Diego city residents. Save our handy guide for your Christmas tree pick up schedule, where to drop off and how you can even recycle those Christmas lights.

Some online tree purveyors are reshaping the business by calling the transaction a rental. Chen, for instance, got her fir from a California company called Rent A Living Christmas Tree LLC, which picks up the potted evergreen after the holidays and returns it to a nursery where it will grow for another year.

Garden centers and markets are popular places to buy beautiful Christmas trees. They generally have a large selection of trees and also sell wreaths, swags, poinsettias, and other holiday decorations. Some markets add visits with Santa and other holiday festivities and events to make your tree-buying even more fun.

The University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences is a big fan of live Christmas trees. Northern varieties can be transplanted to progressively larger pots as they grow while living trees suited for Florida like red cedar, Arizona cypress, Leyland cypress, Torulosa juniper, sand pine, and, in South Florida, Norfolk Island pine, can be planted in your yard after Christmas by following this advice from the UF/IFAS.

At Money we like to make make financial choices -- even small ones -- after studying all the relevant data. The good news is credit-card processing company Square, in partnership with National Christmas Tree Association, recently crunched the numbers on more than 200,000 tree sales from thousands of Christmas tree farms to show how prices fluctuate throughout the holiday season. Your best bet to maximize minimize price and maximize enjoyment time: Go the first weekend in December. 041b061a72


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