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Diamond Dash Bot v 3.0.rar - Free Download from mediafire -

Oh to be a katana... This is one of my favorite edits. This is a simple dark Kula. She has a cold slash attack that can cut enemies in half and a high speed dash attack. Her special attack is to focus chakra to the ground, which is a huge green blast that decimates those around her and deals huge damage to any enemy it hits. Like with all the other Kula's, she is great for the Kula's to cut down the enemy's health.

Diamond Dash Bot v 3.0.rar

Here is another Kula I've wanted to add to the roster for some time. She is a katana Kula with a skill called Reflex, which is her swords unique skill. Reflex uses dashing techniques to quickly deflect an enemies attack and deal a massive amount of damage to the enemy.

Mkula is one of my favorite edits out there right now. She has two useful skills, each with their own perks. The first skill gives her a double dash that deals a massive amount of damage to her enemies. Her second skill, a skill that anyone can use, gives her stats that are just crazy. I would suggest maxing out this skill first. Mkula will have a lot of trouble dealing with the enemy. However, if the enemy is weak enough, she will kill them off in seconds.

I might have found my best friend in this boss. Nubis is the second Diamond of the tier. He is the epitome of a katana Kula. He has an energy shield that looks like a huge green beam. Also, he is one of the few opponents that can be resistant to Slash in combat. Like most Kula's, Nubis needs to be dealt with without too much issue.


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