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You can return products within 30 business days as long as they are in new, unused condition. A 15% re-stocking fee is applied to all returns made after 30 days of purchase. A refund of 50% only (of product cost) will be issued on products returned three (3) months following purchase. Please Note: Any product (i.e. DVDs) removed from its original cellophane wrapper is considered a used product and cannot be returned without consent from the home office. Please email us at

Download Respect

Please contact us at and someone will make arrangements for you to return the defective product and receive a replacement. Please Note: Do not send defective products to the return shipping address. When we respond to your email we will give you the correct return address.

This booklet, which was printed and mailed to all member schools and conferences, provides best practices, case studies and information on how to download available RESPECT campaign resources for use on campus.

Rights, Respect, Responsibility: A K-12 Sexuality Education Curriculum is available for free download. On this page you'll find bulk download options for the full curriculum, teacher's guide, adaptations, and other resources.

Oh (sock it to me, sock it to meSock it to me, sock it to me)A little respect(sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me)Whoa, babe(just a little bit)A little respect(just a little bit)

Download music from your favorite artists for free with Mdundo. Mdundo started in collaboration with some of Africa's best artists. By downloading music from Mdundo YOU become a part of supporting African artists!!! Mdundo is financially backed by 88mph - in partnership with Google for entrepreneurs.

Luckily, the man I married was nothing like that to the point where I am the higher drive. He not only loves me, but also respects me and makes me feel safe and like I can be myself and I can talk to him about anything.

What is Governance? Governance consists of the traditions and institutions by which authority in a country is exercised. This includes the process by which governments are selected, monitored and replaced; the capacity of the government to effectively formulate and implement sound policies; and the respect of citizens and the state for the institutions that govern economic and social interactions among them.

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Our 2023-24 state policy platform centers on smart solutions to address the persistent inequities across our state and improve the lives of immigrant, Black, and brown families across New York State. The Legislature and Governor Hochul should enact the following to help ensure that all New Yorkers are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. 041b061a72


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