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Impact Texas Teen Drivers (ITTD)The Impact Texas Teen Drivers program (ITTD) is a free, 2 hour informational video that shares the dangers of distracted driving along with real life stories of teens that have lost their lives. This course is for:

free tiny teen


Impact Texas Adult Drivers (ITAD)The Impact Texas Adult Drivers program (ITAD) is a free, 1 hour informational video that provides educational information on the dangers of distracted driving. The video also shares real life stories of people and their families who were impacted as a result of distracted driving. This course is for:

The lemonade stand of teen businesses! Babysitting is a perfect first venture for young teens looking to build interpersonal skills or put first aid knowledge to the test. Up your babysitting game by creating a professional website with your credentials, rates, and availability.

Tech- and business-savvy teens can run a simple side hustle with a Shopify store and a print-on-demand app, which can help you customize white label products with your own designs. Your art can be printed onto a number of products including beanies, t-shirts, art prints, and water bottles.

Typical neighborhood services include car washing, mowing and lawn care, house painting, and snow removal. If you have flexibility and access to a car, start a helping service like personal shopping or grocery delivery, or maybe try mobile bike repair or cleaning. For creative teens, how about a décor consulting business?

Your creative side opens plenty of possibilities to run a handmade goods business. Can you sew clothes from your own patterns, design jewelry, bake truffles, or make dog treats? These are just a few business ideas for teens who love hands-on activities.

If you excel at digital art or coding you can start a graphic design business or a web design service from your bedroom. Tech-savvy teens can offer services to help design websites from scratch, create logos and fliers, or bring local businesses online by building ecommerce stores.*

Teens who enjoy playing video games may consider designing an app or online game as a small business idea. Tech support, data entry, technology tutoring, and transcribing services are other business ideas for teens who like working with computers.*

Parental help will also likely be required to open a business bank account. Again, this depends on the laws where you live. Many services like Shopify and PayPal require you to be at least 18 to sign up. As such, parents are legally liable for the actions of teens through these various accounts.*

? Are you a college student? Older teens can benefit from starting a summer business to earn money for tuition and grow a network. FInd ideas to set you up for future success: 12 Business Ideas for College Students

The business you choose depends on your interests and the amount of time you have to dedicate to it. However, your entrepreneur personality type might also point you in the right direction. There are many business ideas for teens, such as social media influencer, web designer, personal shopper, or owner of a delivery service business.

Provided you have parental permission and the item does not have age or legal restrictions (alcohol, for example), teenagers can start their own business and sell almost anything. Selling handmade items, dropshipping goods, and child care services are some easy business ideas for teens.

The first step to starting a new business as a teenager is to ask a parent or guardian. Teens will likely need parental signoff to set up a website and bank account. After that, teens can get up and running quickly by selling products or services through a simple ecommerce store. The Shopify Starter Plan is ideal for young people who wish to sell products without building a website. This is also great for teens looking to build a business as a social media influencer.

Kids younger than 13 can start a business with help and approval from parents or guardians. An adult can help young entrepreneurs set up a simple website and provide ongoing support for marketing and customer service. Children can get involved in many aspects of running a business, such as producing products and learning skills in social media and communication. Business ideas for kids and young teens include dog-walking services and handmade goods.

Not sure what to read next? Get a personalized booklist based on your interests from our BookMatch Teen team. Fill out this form, or check out our Discord server to discover some new reads approved by fellow teens.

Oxford Owl 9-11 Years Collection: The Oxford Owl website featured in our Free Online Books for Kids post includes a small collection of free books suitable for 9-11 year olds. You will need to register to access the free titles. 7-12 Year Old Collection: The aim of Storyberries is to create a free, online collection of quality stories, comics, fairy tales and poems for children, offering both classic and contemporary stories with vibrant illustrations.

A brand-new summer Christmas play for Youth! A fun, evangelical outreach for pre-teens and teens, which can be done at Summer Camp by the Camp Counselors or by a group of older kids. Great around a campfire or next to a pool... or actually on a Beach! (Send me photos!)

See our free Christmas skits for Youth and Children! Just A Little Christmas is great for children! Teens will love New Star, A Night in Bethlehem and Christmas by The Book. And be sure to check out our Narrated Nativity for Preschoolers: Simply Christmas.

"NEW STAR" is a Christmas play for children and teens. It tells the Christmas Story from the point of view of two stars (an Old Star and a New Star) who act as the narrators. Adults and children will love this play. It has its own original song as well!

Downloading Skits: To open these documents on your computer, you need a PDF Reader program, such as Adobe Reader (a safe, free program). You can download it by clicking the button to the right.

This is one of our funny Christmas skits for teens! It's bothchallenging and fun for youth to perform for their families! Throw in afew props, some costumes, and a couple of Children's Choirs, and you'vegot yourself a full-fledged Christmas Pageant!

Choose this 15-20 minute skit if you have a group of teenswith some acting experience and a love of grease paint! Evangelical innature, this play would be great for family friends to see andappreciate, especially if they aren't sure whether they believe inChristmas or not!

Written with teenagers in mind, this 15-20 minute Christmas skitis at once fast-paced and engaging. Mary is sweet, Joseph is bold, andthe Innkeeper insists that he's the "hero" of the story. The Shepherdsare the funniest group of sheep-herders you'll ever see, and the WiseMen admit up-front that they're all on the High Honor Rolls at theirvarious schools.

Family members and friends will love seeing their teens incostume telling the Christmas Story from a "first hand" point of view.They'll also enjoy getting to sing along with familiar Christmas carols!In the end, everyone will agree that they had a wonderful timeexperiencing "A Night in Bethlehem!"

I just want to thank you for providing free skitsonline for churches. It can be hard to find good material that is simpleenough to use and yet is good. We used "Just a LittleChristmas" for our Children's Sunday School presentation... and,seriously, I keep hearing about it. The congregation loved it. It was agreat, yet simple way, to involve our Sunday School without overwhelming themwith lines and tons of practices.

While the other versions (children's and teen's) of Just a Little Christmas lend themselves to a full-scale production with lots of time to prepare, the Simplified Version of Just a Little Christmas is perfect for other settings.Let's say you want to do a Christmas Skit with the children in your group, but you don't have a lot of time to practice. This skit can be done with just a few short days of preparation.

As you know, up until now all the skits on this page have been written by the same author (Sharon Chatwell). But now we offer a new skit by Mark Main. It is a wonderful Christmas Skit called The Nativity and it is written for all ages to perform. You are welcome to use it for free in your ministry.

So, you need a few more angels or a couple of extra shepherds to geteveryone onstage... No problem! Happens all the time! My advice... addaway... go ahead... drag out a few more halos and some extra shepherds'crooks. You should also feel free to change lines, add lines, etc toaccommodate the size of your group and the ages and capacities of youractors. These are all considered minor changes. As always, please makea note on your printed program of the author's name and the copyrightdate. (EX: By Sharon Kay Chatwell, copyright 2017.)

After Christmas, you may be interested in other types of skits for Sunday School or Church. Please consider the free skits available at this link for use with your own ministry groups or in evangelistic outreach opportunities with others.

This is the age to lust for life. As teens are transitioning into young adulthood, their minds are a fun place. Remind them that their ideas are worth remembering and will take them to great places! Every business started with an idea that one person believed in.

I feel as if this positive affirmation for teens is one of the most important because you're reminding them to look for answers from within Breaking childhood habits of turning to mentors or parents for every little decision can be difficult.

Lactose intolerance is fairly common. Kids and teens are less likely to have it, but many people eventually become lactose intolerant in adulthood. Some health care providers view lactose intolerance as a normal human condition and not a disease or serious health problem. 041b061a72


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