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Left Hand Path Mage Pdf [PATCHED] Download

The field that is highlighted in dark blue and displaysthe border handles is the anchor. When you select multipleform fields by clicking, the last field selected is the anchor.When you use a marquee, the form field that was created first isthe anchor. If you Ctrl-click to deselect the anchor, the form fieldlocated in the upper left of the selection becomes the new anchorform field.

left hand path mage pdf download

Click here for details\n\n\nPrompt and Convenient Service Options\n\n\nBreak\/Fix Coverage to Minimize Unexpected Downtime\n\n\n\n\nWorld-Class Service & Support\n\n \n \n \n \n None\n \n \n eCarePAK (1 YR) - $69.00\n \n \n Are you a Quebec resident?\n \n \n \n \n DR-C225II eCarePAK Extended Service Plan Web (1 Year) \n \n \r\n.t-header-bold \r\n\tfont-weight: bold;\r\n\r\n\r\n.t-header-italic \r\n\tfont-style: italic;\r\n\r\n\r\n.t-padded-page span \r\n\tfont-weight: bold;\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nADMINISTRATOR: Canon U.S.A., Inc.\r\n One Canon Park\r\n Melville, NY 11747-3036\r\n 1-[800-OK-Canon]\r\n\/support\r\nTerms and Conditions for All U.S. States Besides Oregon- The terms and conditions below apply to all U.S. states with the exception of Oregon. Please click here to review the separate terms and conditions for the state of Oregon.\r\n\r\nEligibility\r\nThe Canon eCarePAK Extended Service Plan (the \"eCarePAK\") is provided by Canon U.S.A., Inc. (\"CUSA\") with respect to the Canon product and\/or Canon Accessory, and the service(s) (Repair or Replacement, Installation, Training, and\/or Preventative Maintenance), identified on your eCarePAK Certificate of Registration for which the eCarePAK has been purchased (the \"Covered Product\"). CUSA reserves the right to verify the information you provide to CUSA in connection with your registration for the eCarePAK and may reject your enrollment. The purchase of an eCarePAK is not required either to purchase the Covered Product or to obtain financing for the Covered Product.\r\nActivating the eCarePAK\r\nIf you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions of the eCarePAK, you may cancel and obtain a refund in accordance with the section entitled \"Ability to Cancel and Right to Refund\" below. The eCarePAK becomes effective when CUSA registers your Covered Product. You may purchase an eCarePAK within the term of the CUSA Limited Warranty for the Covered Product, or before any existing eCarePAK covering the Covered Product has expired. However, if you decide to purchase after the Limited Warranty has expired, or after any existing eCarePAK on the Covered Product has expired, CUSA reserves the right to inspect the Covered Product, at your expense, and to refuse to register your Covered Product, in its sole discretion, if it does not meet CUSA\u2019s requirements for coverage under an eCarePAK. An eCarePAK Certificate of Registration will be sent to you upon registration of your extended service plan and\/or preventative maintenance plans.\r\nCoverage\r\nCoverage under the eCarePAK will begin effective on the expiration date of the original CUSA Limited Warranty or existing eCarePAK for the Covered Product, as applicable, and continue until the expiration date indicated on your eCarePAK Certificate of Registration. The period between the effective date of coverage under your eCarePAK and the expiration date indicated on your eCarePAK Certificate of Registration is referred to herein as the \"Term\". THIS IS NOT A CONTRACT OF INSURANCE.\r\nRepair or Replacement Service\r\n\r\nSubject to the limitations set forth in \"Service Limitations\" below, CUSA agrees to repair or replace, without charge, any defective part in your Covered Product with a new, rebuilt, or different part during the Term of the eCarePAK, provided such part is the same as, or functionally comparable to, the defective part removed. Any parts that are replaced will become the property of CUSA. Replacement of parts will not extend the Term of the eCarePAK. Likewise, if CUSA should replace the Covered Product, the original Covered Product will become the property of CUSA. Coverage under the eCarePAK will automatically transfer to the replacement product but will not extend the Term.\r\nThe eCarePAK is valid only for service of a Covered Product purchased and used in the United States. The eCarePAK is not transferable to another Covered Product except as provided in paragraph 1 above.\r\nFor Oregon and Montana Residents only: This Extended Protection (Service) Plan is insured by a contractual liability insurance policy issued to Canon U.S.A., Inc. by Sompo Japan Insurance Company of America (\u201cSompo Japan\u201d), 11405 N. Community House, Suite 600, Charlotte, NC 28277, 704-759-2200.\r\n\r\nFor Oregon residents only: Should CUSA fail to perform under this eCarePAK within sixty (60) days, you may contact Sompo Japan for recourse \r\n\r\nFor Virginia residents only: If any promise made in the Contract has been denied or has not been honored within 60 days after your request, you may contact the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Office of Charitable and Regulatory Programs at http:\/\/\/food-extended-service-contract-providers.shtml to file a complaint.\r\n\r\nTechnical Support\r\nYou are entitled to the telephone support set forth below for the Covered Product during the Term of the eCarePAK.\r\n\r\nFor imagePROGRAF & imageFORMULA Scanners1-800-423-2366\r\nFor imageCLASS & FAXPHONE1-800-OK Canon\r\nFor Scan KioskContact your Dealer\r\n\r\nToll-Free telephone support for troubleshooting issues (except for Scan Kiosk) is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., E.T. excluding holidays. Hours of availability for toll-free telephone support are subject to change in CUSA's reasonable discretion. For more efficient support, please have your eCarePAK registration number or Covered Product serial number available.\r\nObtaining Repair or Replacement Service\r\nAs a condition to obtaining service under this eCarePAK, you must first troubleshoot your Covered Product's malfunction in good faith with CUSA's technical support team or, in the case of the Scan Kiosk, with the dealer who sold you the Scan Kiosk (who will escalate the malfunction to CUSA, as appropriate, for technical support as specified above). If CUSA cannot fix the Covered Product's malfunction through remote diagnosis, CUSA may choose to either (1) exchange your Covered Product through CUSA's Advanced Exchange Service program, (2) schedule an on-site service call through an independent CUSA Authorized Service Provider (the \"Service Provider\"), or (3) refer you to a CUSA Authorized Service Facility (\"ASF\") (Carry-In\/), all as more fully described below. The service option chosen is in CUSA's sole discretion. Not all options may be available at the time service is requested.\r\n\r\nAdvanced Exchange Program: CUSA may elect to service your Covered Product through its Advanced Exchange Program. Under the Advanced Exchange Program, a defective Covered Product will be exchanged for a comparable refurbished Covered Product on an expedited basis, usually by the next business day (or longer if your ship-to address is determined by Canon to be a rural or remote location). You will be required to provide a ship-to location (street address only) for the replacement product. You may be required to sign a form to guarantee the return of the defective unit and provide a valid credit card authorization. If you do not return your defective Covered Product to CUSA by the date and in the manner specified by CUSA, CUSA may cancel your eCarePAK and invoice you for the full replacement cost of a new Covered Product, or charge your credit card for this cost.\r\nService Provider: In the event that CUSA's technical troubleshooting cannot resolve your problem, CUSA may elect to send a Service Provider to your location in an expedited manner to facilitate the repair of your Covered Product.\r\nASF Program (Carry In\/): Under CUSA's ASF Program, the defective Covered Product is repaired by an ASF and then returned to you. The CUSA representative will direct you how to obtain the name and phone number of the ASF nearest to you. You must contact the ASF to schedule the repair. DO NOT INCLUDE ANY OTHER ITEMS WITH THE COVERED PRODUCT. Covered Products will be repaired and returned to you without charge by the ASF.\r\n\r\nAny Covered Product received by CUSA or an ASF that is not covered by this eCarePAK will be returned to you unrepaired at your expense or, at the discretion of CUSA or the ASF, you may receive an estimate of repair at CUSA's or the ASF's then prevailing service rates. You will also be charged for on-site repairs not covered by this eCarePAK at CUSA's then prevailing service rates.\r\nFOR OREGON RESIDENTS ONLY: Upon CUSA's failure to perform under this eCarePAK, Sompo Japan Insurance Company of America shall pay, on behalf of CUSA, any sums CUSA is legally obligated to pay or shall provide the service that CUSA is legally obligated to perform, according to CUSA's contractual obligation under this eCarePAK issued by CUSA, and Sompo Japan Insurance Company of America will pay claims against CUSA for return of the unearned purchase price of your eCarePAK\r\nRepair or Replacement Service Limitations\r\nThe eCarePAK covers defects encountered in normal use of the Covered Product and, except as otherwise provided in this eCarePAK, does not cover the following:\r\n\r\nLoss of or damage to the Covered Product due to abuse, mishandling, improper packaging by you, neglect, alteration, electric current fluctuation or accident; improper use, including failure to follow operating, maintenance or environmental instructions prescribed in the operator's manual; use of the Covered Product with non-compatible computers, peripheral equipment or software; or repair performed by other than a service representative qualified by CUSA.\r\nService necessitated by the use of parts or supplies (other than those distributed by CUSA) which damage the Covered Product or which cause abnormally frequent service calls or service problems.\r\nService of the Covered Product if it has been modified or altered in any way (including any alteration or removal of serial numbers or identification marks).\r\nService, repair or replacement of any covers, lids, or trim parts, or any consumable items, including without limitation, toner and\/or ink cartridges, ink tanks and printheads.\r\nPreventative maintenance and or inspections.\r\nService, repair or replacement of accessories or options for the Covered Product, or of any equipment or software not distributed by Canon which may be used with, or be connected to, the Covered Product.\r\nService, repair, or replacement of any Covered Product purchased or used outside of the United States.\r\n\r\nInstallation Services\r\nimagePROGRAF Printer Only\r\nCUSA, or CUSA's authorized service provider, will provide the following installation services for the imagePROGRAF printer only:\r\n\r\nPlace the printer on its stand with your assistance.\r\nLoad media on to the printer.\r\nFill ink tanks.\r\nProduce a test print to ensure that the printer is installed and operating within specifications.\r\nUpon your request, connect the printer to a network (i.e. Ethernet connection). You must have a live Ethernet connection to your network, as well as an Ethernet cable, at the time of your request. If not, an additional visit to connect the printer to your network will need to be scheduled when both of these requirements have been met. This additional visit will incur a fee.\r\n\r\nimagePROGRAF iPF MFP Only\r\nCUSA, or CUSA's authorized service provider, will provide the following installation services for the imagePROGRAF MFP:\r\n\r\nPlace the imagePROGRAF printer on its stand with your assistance.\r\nLoad media on to imagePROGRAF printer.\r\nProduce a test print to ensure that the imagePROGRAF printer is installed and operating within specifications.\r\nPlace the Colortrac scanner on its stand with your assistance.\r\nInstall, at a basic level, the computer and monitor.\r\nConnect the Colortrac scanner to the imagePROGRAF printer and produce a test scan to ensure that the imagePROGRAF printer and Colortrac scanner are connected and operating within specifications.\r\n\r\nimageFORMULA Scanners Only\r\nCUSA, or CUSA's authorized service provider, will provide the following installation services for the imageFORMULA Scanners:\r\n\r\nPlace the scanner in its designated location with your assistance.\r\nInstall replacement rollers if they are not already factory installed.\r\nInstall additional accessories (if applicable).\r\nConnect scanner and perform a test scan to ensure that scanner is operating within specifications.\r\n\r\nGeneral Terms and Conditions Covering All Installation Services\r\nThe following terms and conditions apply to all Installation services:\r\n\r\nInstallation technicians may, in their sole discretion, refuse to install Covered Products that are incompatible, are, or appear to be, damaged, are inappropriate for installation, exhibit signs of excessive wear or are deemed unsafe. Covered Products which are not new, or are damaged, will be documented before the installation begins. You may be subject to additional charges should the installation technician conclude that the proposed installation is unsafe and therefore cannot be completed.\r\nA pre-existing power outlet(s) must be accessible in order to install your Covered Product.\r\nInstallation services are only available in the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. Extra charges may apply in the event special travel is required to reach the installation site.\r\nExtra charges may apply in the event additional work is necessary to complete the installation, including, but not limited to, carpentry, electrical work, floor covering modifications, moving of furniture, or additional wire, parts and\/or accessories.\r\nCarefully review your installation needs, your installation plans and the accessories and hardware you have and\/or need to facilitate and complete the installation.\r\nCUSA and\/or Canon authorized service provider will contact you to schedule your installation appointment. Cancellations or rescheduling of scheduled installation appointments must be made no later than twenty four (24) hours prior to your appointment to avoid additional charges. Cancellation requests are not valid until confirmed by CUSA and or Canon Authorized service provider.\r\nYou must ensure that the Covered Product(s) to be installed, the installation site, and the hardware and accessories required to facilitate and complete your installation, are prepared and ready prior to the arrival of the installation technician. You may be subject to an additional charge for failure to prepare the Covered Product, the installation site, or the required hardware and accessories prior to the arrival of the installation technician.\r\nYou must move or rearrange furniture to provide accessibility and a safe, adequate work space for the installation technician.\r\nYou must provide a sufficient amount of power, power sources, power cords and, if applicable, surge protectors that are readily available to the installation technician and\/or safely accessible to the installation site. The installation technicians will not move or install AC power sources or feeds of television signals from cable, satellite or other sources.\r\nYou must dispose of the packaging materials and trash following the installation. Although the installation technicians will clean up the work site, it is your responsibility to arrange for the final disposal of any packaging materials or trash related to the installation.\r\n\r\nTraining Services\r\nCUSA, or CUSA's authorized service provider, will provide the following Training services with respect to the imagePROGRAF iPF MFP:\r\n\r\nTraining is only provided during the time of installation.\r\nTraining on the general operation of the scanner component of the imagePROGRAF iPF MFP.\r\n\r\nCUSA, or CUSA's authorized service provider, will provide the following Training services with respect to the imageFORMULA Scanner:\r\n\r\nTraining is only provided during the time of installation.\r\nTraining on the general operation of the scanner\r\nTraining on the Canon software and drivers included with the scanner.\r\nTraining on scanner preparation, maintenance and errors on scanner.\r\n\r\nGeneral Terms and Conditions Covering All Training Services\r\nThe following terms and conditions apply to all Training Services\r\n\r\nCUSA reserves the right to refuse or limit any Training Services if you fail to satisfy any minimum requirements for such Training Services as published or provided to you by CUSA prior to the start of such Training Services.\r\nCUSA reserves the right to refuse, limit, or cancel any Training Services if, in the opinion of CUSA, you display unreasonable behavior or are deemed by CUSA to be violent, abusive, or disruptive. In such cases, no refunds will be paid.\r\nOwnership of all copyright and other intellectual property rights in the training material supplied by CUSA, or its authorized service provider, including any documentation, data, technical information and know-how provided to you as part of the Training Services, remains vested in CUSA, its authorized service provider(s), or the owner of such materials, as applicable. All such information will be held by you in confidence and will not be disclosed or copied to third parties, without the express written permission of CUSA.\r\n\r\nimageFORMULA Scanners Preventative Maintenance* Only\r\nCUSA, or CUSA's authorized service provider, will provide the following preventative maintenance services for the imageFORMULA Scanner:\r\n\r\nPerform physical inspection on the internal, external and functionality of the scanner.\r\nPerform necessary cleaning routine of the interior and exterior body of the scanner.\r\nInstall new user replaceable rollers.\r\nDocument maintenance statistics.\r\nPerform test scans after preventative maintenance is complete and ensure that Scanner is operating within specifications.\r\n\r\n* The number of Preventative Maintenance service calls covered under this eCarePAK depends on the Term of your eCarePAK. For example, for a two (2) year Term, you are entitled to two (2) Preventative Maintenance service calls during such Term. Additional Preventative Maintenance service may be purchased at CUSA's then-current rates.\r\nGeneral Terms and Conditions Covering Preventative Maintenance Services\r\nThe following terms and conditions apply to imageFORMULA Scanner Preventative Maintenance services:\r\n\r\nOnly customers under warranty or eCarePAK coverage can purchase or receive Preventative Maintenance.\r\nScheduling a Preventative Maintenance is the sole responsibility of the customer and will expire upon expiration of the warranty or eCarePAK.\r\nCUSA will provide Preventative Maintenance only during normal business hours of operation, Monday through Friday, 9AM-5PM local time excluding holidays.\r\nCUSA will schedule the Preventative Maintenance within five business days of when the customer contacts CUSA's Technical support Center.\r\nIf the unit is not in working condition, the Preventative Maintenance will be delayed and a break\/fix call will be opened.\r\n\r\nNo Warranty\r\nExcept as set forth herein, all services provided by CUSA or its authorized service providers under this eCarePAK are provided \"AS IS\", without warranty of any kind, whether express, implied, statutory, or otherwise, especially as to quality, timeliness, reliability, usefulness, sufficiency and accuracy. ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIE OF CONDITION, MERCHANTABILITY, AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE DISCLAIMED BY CUSA AND ITS AUTHORIZED SERVICE PROVIDERS, NO ORAL O


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