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FE Gravity Gun

Airborne particle release during the spray application of coatings was analyzed in the nanometre and micrometre size range. In order to represent realistic conditions of domestic and handcraft use, the spray application was performed using two types of commercial propellant spray cans and a manual gravity spray gun. Four different types of coatings doped with three kinds of metal-oxide tracer nanoparticle additives (TNPA) were analyzed. Depending on the used coating and the kind of spray unit, particulate release numbers between 5 108 and 3 1010 particles per gram ejection mass were determined in the dried spray aerosols. The nanoparticulate fraction amounted values between 10 and 60 no%. The comparison between nanoparticle-doped coatings with non-doped ones showed no TNPA-attributed differences in both the macroscopic spray process characteristics and the particle release numbers. SEM, TEM and EDX-analyzes showed that the spray aerosols were composed of particles made up solely from matrix material and sheathed pigments, fillers and TNPAs. Isolated ZnO- or Fe2O3-TNPAs could not be observed.

FE Gravity Gun

A series of experiments were recently conducted in an attempt to reduce the dynamic motions of the M256 gun system during firing. Data collected during these experiments included the motion of the gun tube and breech mechanism for both the standard (unbalanced) configuration and a modified system in which mass was added such that the breech center of gravity (CG) was coincident with the gun tube centerline. The results indicated a noticeable change in the dynamic motions between these two configurations. Prior experiments indicated that the unbalanced breech drops several tenths of a millimeter during the firing cycle. Also, the gun tube whipping motion, which is induced by the powder pressure couple, vibrates the gun in a similar fashion regardless of ammunition type. Furthermore, the gun tube shape at shot exit always resembles a distorted sine wave. This behavior was noted for both heat and kinetic energy (KE) munitions in previous unbalanced breech tests conducted with the M256 gun. However, when the breech is balanced, the dynamics of the entire system change in both shape and magnitude of displacement. 041b061a72


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