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Enstilar Buy [WORK]

One of my friends in India suffers from severe plague psoriasis and he has recently been advised to use enstilar foam. Unfortunately this is not available in india. My friend requested me to send this from the U.K. How can I buy this? Can I order from Leo pharma?

enstilar buy

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I have been using enstilar for 3 days on my scalp, hairline and behind my ears and am amazed. All the scabs have gone, slight red patches but I'm sure they will fade over the next few dayseconds with continued use. My gp prescribed it and actually recommended it to me. It does make your hair greasy and I tried massaging baby oil into the roots before washing (a topen I found on here) didn't work, made my hair even more lank and greasy. I bought a shampoo and conditioner as well as a pre shampoo mask with clay. The clay soaks up all the grease and is soothing on the scalp and I have hair again. Enstilar is strong on your psoriasis but it has started clearing mine 90% in 3 applications. 041b061a72


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