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Who Buys Broken Rolex Watches

Until recently there were limited options for your broken watches. You could store them. Use the parts for something else, or get them repaired. These days you can actually make money selling your broken watches.

who buys broken rolex watches


In the section about used watches above, we pointed out that antique, vintage, Swiss and designer watches tend to be favoured by collectors, that's what makes them valuable. The same goes for broken watches. While you might not make as much selling a broken watch as you would a working one, some broken watches can still fetch high sums of money.

When dealing with luxury and antique watches any repairs have to be carried out carefully with authentic parts, these parts come from broken watches. Collectors will often be on the lookout for broken watches, either so they can repair them and sell them on, or so they can use the broken watch to repair other watches.

If a broken watch has a particularly attractive history, it might still be worth more than the same watch in perfect condition. You won't make as much selling old broken watches as you would if you had an antique or vintage watch in mint condition, but they are still valuable.

When you sell broken watches, it doesn't really matter what part of the watch is broken. Sometimes even the movement from inside can make money when it's sold, especially if it's a branded or unusual movement.

As with used watches, modern, battery operated, mass produced, unbranded watches won't be valuable when broken. You would be unlikely to make any money selling these types of watches on their own. If you have a number of these kinds of broken watches try selling them as a group on eBay, sometimes crafters or jewellers will buy a group of broken watches for their gears. With these type of watches the more you sell in one go the more money you'll make and the more chance you'll have of making a sale.

You can sell broken watches in much the same way as used watches, but you may find there are less companies that will buy broken watches off you. Where you sell your broken watch will likely depend on how much you stand to make, so it's always a good idea to get your watches valued before you sell.

Private selling is a great option if you only have a few broken watches to sell. The chances are that you won't make much for selling one broken watch, but you will make more if you sell broken watches in groups.

If you are selling broken antique, vintage or branded watches privately it's a good idea to get them valued by an expert first. An expert will tell you how much you can expect to make when selling your broken watches and will be able to spot anything rare, unusual and valuable.

Before selling at auction make sure you know how much your broken watches are worth, this will help you decide if the fees are worth paying. This might be a good option if you have a group of Swiss watches or antique and vintage watches.

If you would like to sell your broken Rolex to a collector, then they may use some of the components inside to repair other watches, by this they would be recycling your watch and making sure no parts go to waste by repairing other broken watches.

The suggested retail price for a large selection of Rolex watches can be found on in most countries. For any enquiries about prices for specific models please contact or visit your nearest Official Rolex Retailer.

Do you have old watches or parts laying around that you think have no value? We will buy your box of old, broken or non-working watches including old parts and bands. We will buy all brands, including those not listed elsewhere on our site.

Believe it or not, there can still be value in a broken watch. Thanks to our connections in the industry, at WP Diamonds we can make offers on certain types of broken watches. We work on a case-by-case basis, our watch experts analyze the damage to the watch, factor in the repair costs and make a competitive cash offer. Water damage, however, is typically not something that we would be able to make an offer on.

If you've got old watches and pocket watches you'd like to turn into great money, look no further. At Vintage Cash Cow, we're here to make it easy for you to sell your watch online.Simply send your items to us using our insured Freepost service and our resident experts will value them and make you a top cash offer. Accept the offer and you'll be paid that day. They don't even need to be in tip top condition, as we'll buy broken watches, watch parts and even empty designer watch boxes!There's nothing to lose - get started today by signing up for a free guide with postage labels!

Unlike other watch dealers that sell multiple brands of watches, Bob's Watches only buys and sells Rolex, so you can rest assured that you will be buying and or selling at up to the market valuations. Our inventory offers customers deep and diverse collections that changes daily. 041b061a72


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