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Mass Effect 2: Ultimate Edition !!HOT!!

Indeed, Mass Effect 3 features some of the very best missions in the trilogy, and it helps that the action is a drastic cut above. A significantly overhauled combat system grants Shepard some much needed agility. You sprint faster, you've got a dodge roll, and you can slip between cover with the push of a button. It all makes a massive difference, and when combined with much tighter gunplay, way more effective abilities, and an impressive amount of enemy variety, Mass Effect 3 is still fantastic fun to play.

Mass Effect 2: Ultimate Edition

Im surprised in every review and technical analysis no one mentions the sound is messed up on mass effect 1. With Dolby Digital the speech comes out of the rear speakers there a big thread about it on EAs site but no fix

I played most of part 4, 2 years ago and I'm still mass effected out from that, I couldn't bring myself to finish it because the combat was just way too shallow and the character progression just stops about halfway through the game, I remember playing all of these back in the day and I think I'll just leave them as a memory, compared to today's games these a trash even if they have upgraded the visuals and some mechanics. I have about 20 games sitting in my to play pile I'm not adding this, I don't get why people play games on nostalgia purposes maybe I'm broken somehow but it doesn nothing for me, I just notice how crap they are now by modern standards.

I was playing mass effect 2 but after 1-2 hours of gameplay my game started to crash every 10-15 minutes and i cant even open task manager all i can do is restarting computer with power button.Also after crash some sound get stucked and i got random colored blank screen. I looked some similiar errors i tried disabling in-game overlay but didnt work. Someone suggested to post my DxDiag file with the post so i leave it here i would be really happy if someone helps with me this i was looking forward to play the game again.

Site not working? Let me know @annakie. Thanks!Announcements Bioware --> Mass Effect Legendary Edition --> Save --> ME1" folder. Please email me your Char##.pcsav files at with a description of your Shepard (Gender, History, Level, Romance, Virmire Survivor, Councillor, Wrex Alive, Paragon/Renegade, if you did most quests, anything else important) or tweet me @annakie if you can help. Thanks!**5/14/2021 LEGENDARY RELEASE DAY***Happy MELE release day everyone! I'm sure you're wondering how Mass Effect Saves work with MELE, and, well, there's good news and bad news.First, the bad news, and it's pretty bad for now. Original ME1 (OME1) save files used a format called .MassEffectSave, and there were also profile files called .MassEffectProfile.OME2 and OME3 used a format called .pcsav.When you imported a character from OME1 into OME2, something behind the scenes did the work to look for and convert those .MassEffectSave files to read it and start ME2 as .pcsav files.Well, MELE1 just... uses .pcsav files. I've done a little testing and as far as I can tell, MELE2 won't recognize those .MassEffectSave files to import to MELE2. I also tried just changing the filenames to see if that would work by some miracle, but no, it does not.The good news is that... from the limited amount of testing done so far, ANY OME2 save file should import just fine to MELE3, so is still 100% useful. Also your old OME2 and OME3 files should open and work just fine in MELE2 and MELE3, respectively. I've tested this some and everything feels good, my Shepard just looked a little weird.However, unfortunately, that means the entirety of the ME1 library doesn't work for importing to MELE2 right now.There is sort of a work around which, in theory, should work. If you import a OME1 file into OME2, then after waking up on the Cerberus base, exit the game, open that new .pcsav file in Gibbed's, and flag it as a completed save, then save it as a new save... that save should, in theory, open in MELE2 if you start it as a NG+ import. I don't know if that works yet, I'll have to test.Or, just grab a OME2 save file from and start that as a NG+ in MELE2.**3/31/2020** Small Downtime!Hey everyone, my hosting provider upgraded/moved some stuff around on the backend of the site, and we had to change DNS servers, so you may have experienced some short downtime while the DNS updated. If you're reading this, it should be all over now.It's also come to my attention that Shepard submitting is broken. We're not sure why. It's being looked at, may continue to be broken for a while. I'll post again when it's not! Thanks to ThinkingNessaja and TheLone_SheWolf for letting me know! 041b061a72


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