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Quicksand - The Tria...

  • Spinosaurus Spinosaurus, Impious Patron of Vicious Crocodilian Dinosaurs (Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, Spine Lizard, Spine Lizard of Egypt, Superpredator) Intermediate God

  • Symbol: Its Skeletal Silhouette

  • Theme: heard here

  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with shades of Chaotic Evil

  • Portfolio: Super-Persistent Predator Larger than the Tyrannosaurus, Looks Nothing like an Actual Spinosaurus (Deliberately made that way by InGen), Giant Swimmer, Highly Aggressive by Dinosaur Standards, Unnaturally Malevolent, Intimidating Roar, More Monster than Animal, Utterly Relentless and Resilient, Actually an Early Prototype for Hybrid Dinosaurs, Essentially a Predecessor to the Indominus, A Polarizing Addition to the Jurassic Park Franchise that made it more Popular in modern Dinosaur Depictions, Died sometime after the Events of Jurassic Park III

  • Domains: Dinosaurs, Genetics, Inaccuracy, Predators, Persistence

  • Allies: The Sharptooth, Riptor, Gwangi, Indominus rex, Professor Hojo, Cell, Mesogog, Albert Wesker, Shere Khan, Sabor, Odio, Rau Le Creuset

  • Rivals: Deviljho, Glavenus, Lagiacrus

  • Enemies: The Gang of Seven, Rexie, Raptor Pack, Dino and Hoppy, The Meg, Speckles, Big Al, Yoshi, The Monster Hunters, Aquaman, Ariel, Melody, Bambi, Fluttershy, Crash Bandicoot, Baby T, Dinobot, Liopleurodon, Diego Brando, Mowgli, Tarzan, San, Tommy Oliver, King Kong

  • Opposed By: The Nostalgia Critic

  • Amuses: Black Manta

  • The dinosaurs of Isla Sorna are vast and diverse, but almost none of them are as mysterious and vicious as the Spinosaurus. A large theropod from Cretaceous North Africa, larger than the Tyrannosaurus rex and Giganotosaurus, it was the largest land predator that ever lived. But the specimen created by InGen and hunted down a rescue party is still an incredibly enigmatic animal. For one, it was a dinosaur that was never on InGen's list. Secondly, its unrestrained brutality and aggression was eerily similar to that of the Isla Sorna Velociraptors. Lastly, the Spinosaurus really didn't look like an actual one. If anything else, the Spinosaurus created by InGen and the actual animal that lived millions of years ago would might as well be a different species altogether.

  • It first made its presence in the Pantheon known when residents noticed a protruding spine from a lake, revealed to be the dinosaur's sail. Unfortunately, the Spinosaurus is known for its temperamental and territorial behavior and any attempts to quell it down have been slow. Now in a new Prehistoric Land overlooked by "Gods", itself included, the Spinosaurus now lumbers around, seeking out new lands and waters for prey and territory.

  • Initially an unpopular and obscure animal for the general public during the pre-Dinosaur Renaissance era, it has now since become one of the more popular dinosaurs in recent times. Whenever someone tries to name a predator that is larger than the Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaurus is one of the first guesses. The specimen created by InGen is the reason why the animal is so popular in modern times.

  • One of the most unfettered and aggressive animals in the House of Beasts, the Spinosaurus is greatly feared by most animals and even predators are wary about the dinosaur. It usually lives on its own and minds its own business, but simply entering its territory is enough for the Spinosaurus to notice one's attention. Its terrifying roar can match that of a tyrannosaur's and its deceptively fast for its size. And it doesn't just limit itself to land; it would also spend much of its time in shallow waters. As if underwater denizens don't have enough to dread what is preying on them.

  • The Spinosaurus is best known for a rather infamous fight it had against a tyrannosaur and winning easily. Keep in mind, it killed the King of the Dinosaurs without much difficulty. Whether people enjoyed it or were extremely pissed off, its still a conversation that has become the stuff of controversy and debates. The chances of a rematch in the Pantheon are slim, as no matter if Rexy and the Spinosaurus make clear they hate each other, they prefer to keep a distance.

  • The Gang of Seven are terrified of the Spinosaurus, and for a very good reason. They have tried to take it on after the Spinosaurus arrived at the Great Valley, but the Spinosaurus was able to plow through what the child dinosaurs were throwing at him; boulders, vine entanglement and even quicksand. Whatever got in its way, the Spinosaurus was just pissed off and attacked the Gang of Seven with unrelenting fury. A timely intervention from Rexie and Speckles was able to repel it from time, but even the tyrannosaurus and tarbosaurus were pitted in a fierce battle. Ultimately, Rexxar was forced to step in and lure the Spinosaurus away for the Great Valley's safety. That said, the Spinosaurus faces heavy opposition. Speckles actively avoids fighting against it, not because he's weaker than the Spinosaurus, but because he doesn't want his family to be seen as potential prey should the Spinosaur find out. Dino and Hoppy are frightened by the mere presence of the dinosaur and Big Al knows better than to deal with an animal that can easily take down a tyrannosaur. Yoshi, however, is willing to fight against it if it means preventing damage and chaos in the House of Beasts. Further opposition comes from non-dinosaurian beings like Bambi, Nature Preservers and Tommy Oliver who occasionally clash against the Spinosaurus time and again.

  • Frequents being under shallow waters, but is also not afraid to take its time in oceanic depths. This has been a problem for Ariel and Melody as the Spinosaurus will munch up any aquatic life it manages to snap upon and its territorial and brutal nature makes it a hard animal to suppress. As someone who tends to subjugate aquatic animals, Aquaman has difficulty trying to confront the Spinosaurus. This amused Black Manta as he saw the Spinosaurus as a Troll animal of sorts towards the King of Atlantis. The Meg is a more confrontational issue, with the Megalodon often having a bit of a fight against the Spinosaurus.

  • Its very nature and its intimidating personality has gotten the attention of the Monster Hunters. They've been trying to capture it, in an attempt to learn why the Spinosaurus from Isla Sorna is different from the real specimen. Its a tough progress, considering the Spinosaurus isn't going to respond without a grueling battle.

  • Dinobot and King Kong are two beings who are able to drive away the Spinosaurus without much damage. The dinosaur feels frustrated by the fact that it keeps losing to these two and is currently trying to find a way to get back at it. The fact that the Spinosaurus has aligned itself with Riptor and Sharptooth has strengthened Dinobot's animosity towards the dinosaur. And the Spinosaurus would have to ally itself with other like-minded dinosaurs if it really means taking on Kong.

  • It finds company under Sharptooth and Riptor, much to the dismay and horror of the Hall of Prehistoric Beasts. The Spinosaurus shares many things in common with the two, mainly their deranged and bloodthirsty demeanour and their abnormally sadistic nature for an animal. The Spinosaurus also communicates well with Gwangi, the four of them often taking their time to terrorize the House of Beasts. However, while Riptor and Gwangi are fairly animalistic enough, the Spinosaurus seems to be driven by perpetual unnatural rage. This is however, second to Sharptooth, who's easily the most sadistic and deranged out of the four. For similar reasons, the Spinosaurus tolerates Shere Khan and Sabor. The three of them would often hang out and the Spinosaurus would even grant a degree of allowance in its own territory. For reasons unknown, Odio has reached out to the Spinosaurus, in surprising success. Odio feels as if he can empathize with the Spinosaurus, though he hasn't given out his reasons as to why he was willing to befriend it.

  • Finds rivals under Glavenus. They would often fight for food and territory, with occasional wins and losses for all of them. As someone who often takes watery visits, the Spinosaurus also challenges Lagiacrus, though the dinosaur is more built for a terrestrial lifestyle, Lagiacrus wins more often than not. No such rivalry is greater than that of Deviljho during which both engage in a brutal battle that left much of the environment of their battlefield in rubble. While Deviljho takes more wins, the Spinosaurus will respond with a lot of grievous injuries in return.

  • The Spinosaurus caught the attention of Mesogog who has since been keeping track of the dinosaur for his own gains. The Spinosaurus doesn't have much to think of Mesogog, but is willing to go along with what the scientist is planning, presumably if it means it could have more territory to. There's additional interest from Professor Hojo and Albert Wesker, who think the Spinosaurus will be a great asset in their research and for providing an offensive force. On the contrary, Cell sees the Spinosaurus as a ravenous creature to admire, citing its temperamental behavior and for causing a great deal of carnage in its environment and its inhabitants.

  • There is, ultimately, a reason why the Spinosaurus is different from the real animal; it was an experimental attempt to create hybrid dinosaurs, hence why the Spinosaurus became such an unhinged and temperamental animal to begin with. While it wasn't a full-on success, the Spinosaurus still remained a dinosaur greatly feared and dangerous. In the end, the Spinosaurus would become a prelude to a future experiment for Jurassic World; the Indominus Rex. Eventually, the Spinosaurus and the Indominus did indeed meet up and struck a partnership, despite a rather rocky first encounter. The two of them were subjected to being abused by scientists which led to the two dinosaurs developing a sense of sociopathy. This caught the attention of Rau Le Creuset, who was responsible for the ascension of the Indominus. He gladly allowed the Spinosaurus to be of his company and feels because it was put into a similar treatment like the Indominus, the Spinosaurus should be displayed as a result of how humans are ruinous.

  • A lot of people are happy about the Spinosaurus now being a mainstream dinosaur, but this one still evokes a divided response. The Nostalgia Critic is on the hating end of the spectrum, thinking it killing a tyrannosaur is an insult to the latter, and often comparing the Spinosaurus to Daffy Duck much to the Spinosaurus's annoyance and many feel the same way. Some people are rather fond of the Spinosaurus and think of it as a badass dinosaur. There's not much to state on a third option.

Quicksand - The Tria...



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