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Experian Log In

NOTE: the host URL below ( is specific for US endpoints. You can replace the US URL below with one of the host URLs above (for region/country you are interested in).

experian log in

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Starting from August 2022, an activation email will be sent from to your registered email address, with clear and simple steps to guide you through the process. This will only take you a few minutes to activate your choice of verification. You will be given a choice between security question and/ or email verification to generate an OTP.

Starting from August 2022, there will be an activation email sent from to your registered email address for your account, which needs to be acted on within 7 days.

This is a default system notification to inform registered users of any changes to their email address for their User ID. If you did not make this request, please contact Customer Service at

Please take a moment to review our Privacy policy. If you have any queries about our Privacy policy or any other aspect of our website or service, please contact us by email at:

If you need proof of employment or income (as for a home or auto loan), the verifier (such as a mortgage lender or bank) should complete the employment verification online at The requesting business should register as a verifier and submit the request online (see instructions above).

Please fax or email your request to Experian Verify at (404) 829-1336 or for fulfillment. Be sure to include a return fax number or email address for your social service agency. You may also register for a Social Service verifier account on to obtain free social service verifications. For questions, please call (404) 382-5400.

If you have not received emails or have not registered your new login, your old ID will not work. Please email your details (name, old loginID, email address) to and we will get you set up as soon as possible. 041b061a72


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