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[S2E32] Let The Finals Begin!

Let the Battle City Finals begin! The eight finalists will have their skill and endurance put to the ultimate test in a dueling arena thousands of feet in the sky! Yugi and friends finally meet the other finalists, but none of them are who they appear to be...

[S2E32] Let the Finals Begin!

When the original Ward Bond episodes were broadcast weekday afternoons on ABC beginning in 1963, a new series title "Seth Adams Trailmaster" was given to the episode to avoid viewer confusion because Wagon Train was still on the ABC evening schedule. A new theme song, the "Trailmaster Theme", written and conducted by Stanley Wilson, was used for these syndicated episodes. The later episodes from the John McIntyre era were syndicated under the simpler title "Trailmaster". All episodes eventually reverted to their original titling after the series left the air. The 75-minute episodes were usually syndicated separately, sometimes shown on local stations as "movies".[citation needed]

Back at the Titans Tower, Robin makes an effort to becomes more serious, and brings up his dead parents, much to the other Titans' shock. Starfire suspects Robin is acting this way due to feeling outclassed by the Young Justice Team, who she says are "real heroes". However, Robin declares the Titans are real heroes, too, only they had forgotten their true purpose due to spending too much time fooling around, even Raven. Raven denies this, but Robin reveals he knows what Raven had been hiding, and the scene switches to Raven doing a stand-up comedy routine with Robin in the audience unamused by it. Robin reaffirms that Raven isn't funny no matter how hard she tries, but he looks up to see all the Titans making silly faces. Raven tries to get Robin to admit they're a bit funny, but he angrily denies it, and says they could be so much more than their current two-dimensional state. Robin approaches Cyborg, and tweaks his curiosity by asking if his condition as a half-human, half-machine caused him to become conflicted over his identity. Upon hearing this, Cyborg begins to think deeply and becomes more serious for a change. Starfire worries that being more serious could fracture the team, but Robin assures her that it would only make them stronger. Starfire still does not understand, to which Robin explains it is because she's an alien. The Titans finally agree to become more serious, and the "Serious Song" commences where all of the Titans undergo transformations into more serious appearances, including Silkie.

The H.I.V.E. are about to begin their launch countdown, when the Titans show up and Robin orders them to stop. Gizmo is shocked by how serious the Titans look, as they reply they are done playing around but Gizmo still taunts them before starting the countdown. The Titans briskly take down all of the H.I.V.E., but fail to stop the launch in time and the satellite flies. Cyborg questions how to stop it as Robin decides the only way to stop the rocket is using "serious firepower". Cyborg proceeds to transform into a gigantic artillery, and attaches to Beast Boy in Tyrannosaurus Rex form. The other Titans jump on top, and they unleash a massive laser burst that destroys the rocket.

After their accomplishment, the Young Justice team arrives complimenting them. Aqualad is impressed by the Titans' work, explaining they had come to clean up the Titans' mess, but there was no longer any need since as the Titans had it under control. Robin points out that Aqualad had misjudged the Teen Titans however, Aqualad voices concern that the Titans had become too serious. However, the Titans scare him with in response before having another "life and death" emergency to attend to, and they depart from the scene, with Robin feeling "this is only the beginning".

Afterwards he begins to breed animals to help the burster mature to a drone, he tries to wait for a bit for the viewers by afking a little during the episode to allow the burster to evolve but to no avail.

Ulandos begins the episode off by explaining how he plans to insert the Queen into the AE system through the use of pylons. The plan is put into effect and he works on the infrastructure to obtain the end goal.

Ulandos starts the episode off by showing off the automated AE chip system and improvments to his sky farm. Then the main focus of the episode begins where he attempts to make a playground for the different types of Xenomorphs. 041b061a72


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