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Pachinko - Season 1

These two plotlines interweave and dance with one another all season long. While most of the moves are synchronized and nicely paced, there are a couple of missteps that feel like poor directorial choices.

Pachinko - Season 1

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HUGH: We were all spoiled with Justin [Chon] and [Kogonada]. They set the bar so high, but I think what we know for sure is that the personal is the thing that gets you into the show, that regardless of who ends up helming season two or a possible season two, they have to feel this in their bones.

Told through the eyes of Sunja (Yu-na Jeon as a child, Minha Kim as an adult, and Yuh-jung Youn as an elder), with some stories surrounding the important people in her life, Pachinko jumps between dual timelines to reflect the parallels from one generation to another. For example, the first episode centers on Sunja\u2019s early upbringing in Korea. Her parents, after losing three children prematurely, pray for a healthy child and are told they will have a daughter who will thrive and that, through her, a family will endure. Sunja is born to a doting father who does whatever it takes to protect his daughter from the ugliness of the world; but as Koreans in a land occupied by the Japanese, that ugliness is hard to escape. These scenes interchange with the introduction of Solomon (Jin Ha), Sunja\u2019s grandson, who faces discrimination from his white employers at an American bank. Driven to succeed, he promises to close a deal in Japan to prove himself to the company. This takes him back to Osaka to visit his family, including Sunja\u2019s son/Solomon\u2019s father Mozasu (Soji Arai) who, like many Zainichi Koreans, owns a successful pachinko parlor.

This eight-episode season lacks for little, delivering satisfaction on a cellular level entirely on its own. For that same reason, eight episodes is not enough. Every rich moment satisfies, and each will make you ache for more.

Assuming it gets picked up for the second season that it richly deserves, that yearning desire should be fulfilled eventually. But isn't that something? In these days of too much TV overpopulated by mediocre stories that could play out just as well in half the time, here is one series you may never want to end.

Pachinko (Apple TV+)Another major character receives a full episode devoted to their origin story later in the season, teasing their continued importance in the series' larger arc. In lesser shows their relative lack of development would be a blight. Here, they're among a long list of reasons that this drama deserves a future.

A new season may be added only after the completion of the previous season, and after the new season has been announced. Once you create a new season you'll have 4 hours to add the first episode, or the season may be automatically removed.

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