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War Robots Test Server: New Robot, Weapons, Drone, and More

What is WR Test Server and How to Join It?

If you are a fan of War Robots, a popular multiplayer game with 6 vs. 6 team battles in real-time, you might have heard of WR Test Server. But what is it exactly and how can you join it? In this article, we will answer these questions and more. We will also give you an overview of the latest updates and features that are being tested on WR Test Server, and how you can submit your feedback and suggestions to the developers.

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WR Test Server: An Overview

What is WR Test Server?

WR Test Server is a separate version of War Robots that is used by the developers to test new features, robots, weapons, drones, maps, modes, and other changes before they are released to the main game. WR Test Server is not a permanent server, but rather a temporary one that is open only on certain dates and times. The purpose of WR Test Server is to allow the developers to collect feedback and data from the players who participate in the testing sessions, and to improve the quality and balance of the game.

Why is WR Test Server Important?

WR Test Server is important for both the developers and the players. For the developers, WR Test Server provides a valuable source of information and feedback that helps them to identify and fix bugs, glitches, errors, and other issues that might affect the gameplay experience. It also helps them to evaluate the performance, balance, and fun factor of the new features and changes that they are working on. For the players, WR Test Server offers a unique opportunity to try out the new features and changes before they are released to the main game, and to share their opinions and suggestions with the developers. It also gives them a chance to have fun, experiment, and discover new strategies and tactics with the new content.

How to Join WR Test Server?

To join WR Test Server, you need to have an Android or iOS device that can run War Robots. You also need to download the WR Test app from Google Play or App Store. The app is free and does not require any additional purchases or subscriptions. However, you need to be aware that the app is not compatible with your main War Robots account, and that any progress or purchases you make on WR Test will not be transferred to your main account. You also need to check the official War Robots Test Server Page on Facebook or Reddit for the latest news and announcements about when the test sessions are open and what features are being tested. The test sessions usually last for two days (Saturday and Sunday) from 10 AM in different time zones (GMT/UTC, EST, PT). You can join as many test sessions as you want, but you need to download a new version of the app for each session.

WR Test Server: Latest Updates and Features

The latest test session on WR Test Server was on June 17-18, 2023. The following features were being tested:

New Robot: Ophion

Ophion is a new medium robot that has a special ability called "Serpent's Bite". When activated, Ophion launches a powerful missile that deals massive damage and ignores all enemy defenses (shields, stealth, resistance). The missile also has a large splash radius that can hit multiple targets. Ophion can equip two medium weapons.

New Weapons: Ksiphos, Labrys, Cestus

Ksiphos, Labrys, and Cestus are new heavy weapons that belong to the same family as the medium weapons Khaos, Devastator, and Havoc. They have a similar mechanic of charging up and releasing a burst of energy projectiles that deal increased damage based on the charge level. They also have a passive effect of reducing the enemy's defense mitigation by a percentage for a short duration. Ksiphos has the longest range and the lowest damage, Labrys has the medium range and damage, and Cestus has the shortest range and the highest damage.

New Drone: Shai

Shai is a new light drone that has a unique ability called "Guardian Angel". When activated, Shai grants its owner a temporary shield that absorbs a certain amount of damage. The shield also reflects some of the incoming damage back to the attacker. Shai can equip two microchips of any type.

Rework: Ultimate Ares, Ultimate Pulsar

Ultimate Ares and Ultimate Pulsar are two new versions of the existing robot Ares and weapon Pulsar that can be obtained from a special event. They have improved stats and abilities compared to their original counterparts. Ultimate Ares has a longer duration and cooldown for its "Retribution" ability, which also grants increased speed and resistance. Ultimate Pulsar has a higher damage and fire rate, and its shots can pierce through enemy shields.

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Titan Pilots

Titan Pilots are a new feature that allows players to customize their titans with different skills and perks. Titan Pilots can be obtained from the Titan Academy, which is a new building in the hangar. Titan Pilots have three skill slots: one for a passive skill, one for an active skill, and one for a universal skill. Passive skills provide constant bonuses to the titan's performance, such as increased durability, speed, or damage. Active skills can be activated during the battle to unleash powerful effects, such as healing, stealth, or suppression. Universal skills can be used by any titan and provide various benefits, such as increased defense points, power cells, or silver.

Unstable Conduit Changes

Unstable Conduit is a module that increases the damage of energy weapons by a percentage for each charge consumed. The module has been changed to have a maximum of 10 charges instead of 5, and to consume 1 charge per shot instead of 2. The module also has a new passive effect that increases the damage of energy weapons by a flat amount for each charge remaining.


The test session also included some rebalance changes to various robots, weapons, drones, modules, and maps. Some of the notable changes are:


BlitzIncreased durability and speed

ScorpionDecreased durability and ability cooldown

TyrIncreased healing output and resistance

HellburnerDecreased self-damage and increased explosion damage

NucleonIncreased damage and accuracy

CycloneDecreased damage and fire rate

GromIncreased damage and splash radius

BaneDecreased corrosion duration and damage

NebulaIncreased healing output and duration

OculusDecreased lock-down chance and duration

Last StandDecreased activation threshold and duration

Thermonuclear ReactorIncreased damage bonus and cost

RomeAdded more cover and beacons

CanyonRemoved some cover and beacons

MoonChanged the lighting and gravity

WR Test Server: Feedback and Suggestions

How to Submit Feedback and Suggestions?

If you join WR Test Server, you can submit your feedback and suggestions to the developers through various channels. You can fill out an online form that is provided at the end of each test session. You can also join the official War Robots Test Server Community on Facebook or Reddit, where you can post your comments, questions, suggestions, and screenshots. You can also join the official War Robots Discord server, where you can chat with other testers and developers. You can also send an email to with your feedback and suggestions.

What are the Benefits of Submitting Feedback and Suggestions?

By submitting your feedback and suggestions, you can help the developers to improve the game and make it more enjoyable for everyone. You can also influence the direction and outcome of the new features and changes that are being tested. You can also earn rewards for your participation, such as gold, silver, power cells, and special items. You can also get a chance to win prizes, such as premium robots, weapons


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