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Ryan Leslie Just Right [CRACKED] Download Zip

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ryan leslie just right download zip

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Gene, I was with the 624th S&S Company in Long Binh 66-67. A bunch of the guys who got there before me said they came over on a ship, just wondering if you knew anyone from 624th. From what I recall, the 506th, 624th and 228th all were located in the same area in Long Binh, right off highway 1 near the evac hospital. I worked in the back of the compound at the ration breakdown depot.

I was there in Feb 69 to Feb 70 and returned to civilian life. For many months I worked in an underground COM Center with a tunnel that opened up looking right at the perimeter. I then was moved to some trailers in what was called COM Center Company Area. I went past LBJ many times and was just delighted not to be an inmate. I had some very horrific relations with my battalion commander and was extremely pleased to leave.


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